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PokeZen: Professional Pixelmon Community

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We are a relatively new server with a lot of hard work invested.

We have probably one of the best communities in Pixelmon right now. Our staff and players are mature and smart and troublemakers are moved on quickly. From the first day you join, expect to be welcomed and aided. We value kind, fun, considerate players, who like to give back.

New: We now have Player Gyms!


I had trouble with my starter as I died when he evolved causing him to forget moves, the admin Rubinho55 fixed it all for me! Love this server!
Posted 1st Oct 2016
best one yet lets play
Posted 13th Sep 2016
Looooooooooooooooooooooooove it!
Posted 31st Aug 2016
Its an awesome server,the sever is awesome cuz u can battle gyms be a gym leader get crates make ur houses,i dislike it,wait I don't dislike it (:
Posted 19th Aug 2016
Amazing pixelmon server! I will give Pokezen a 10/10! Most players are loyal to the server and have back stories, staff build amazing maps and there is no lag!
Seems like a server I would love playing with friends.
Posted 16th Jul 2016
This server has an amazing community, and allows players to come and enjoy pixelmon. There are different things you can choose to do, from being a new pixelmon player who wants to go out and collect all the pokemon, or for those who are in the competitive field we have many competitive players who run the Elite 4. The server welcomes a wide range of players, so all feel welcome. I dont have any dislikes, since the server has done an amazing job so far. I highly recommend this server if you want a great pixelmon experience.
Posted 4th Jul 2016
PokeZen is a great server in my opinion, the community Is great and really nice, and I sure enjoy being online, staff is really trustworthy and know a lot about Minecraft and Pixelmon, the vote system is really good and the gyms plug-in is awesome. The builders are incredibly good. I like the vote system because you really dont know what your reward will be, and this reward can be really nice, a legendary pokemon for example. I like the gyms plugin because it is really clear what gym is available and what leaders are online. But there is a bad thing about this gym plug-in aswell, sometimes it will glitch and show a gymleader online while he is not online, this can cause some confusion sometimes, some players want to challenge a certain gym but the leader is not online, while the /gyms command says the leader is online. Overall I think the server is doing really great.
Posted 3rd Jul 2016