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Marshmallow Networks: Pixelmon (5.0.0 Beta 10)


Marshmallow Networks is the place to be! With a range of servers, plugins and staff members, we have something for everybody!

To start, we offer FTB Infinity Evolved, Pixelmon and a Survival Server! You can grab the IP to your prefered server from this post, or find out others ones that may interest you via or website!

While we do need to pay for our server, everything we offer is avaliable to all players and donating is just a quick and easier way to acquire them! This negates the "Pay 2 Win" form and offers a chance for everyone to be equal.

We hope this description intriqued you and we hope to see you on Marshmallow Networks!

I didn't have too much of an experience considering it was late and only one other (very unresponsive) individual was on, but the server was overall pretty decent. The only downsides I saw so far was that gameshark was disabled (which I might could understand? I guess??) and r.i.p. that Suicune that spawned on me within the first 30 minutes when I had just my Grovyle and my Staryu and the starter Poké Balls, time to add this server to the list of servers that have done that to me in the past :')
Posted 25th Oct 2016
Owner is rude, and so are most people on here. Not so much of a great server if you ask me, but I still play on it.
Posted 27th Aug 2016
This server is awnsome. is has cool events like shiny hunt and legendary hunt when some one donates. and cool comands like wonder trade and you can check your ivs and evs there. then it is easyer to ev train and iv breed. on this server there is nerly no server lag and no grifing and a great community. Great and funny andmin, owners and mods. this is one of the best survival pixelmon servers.
Greatings Meggati
Posted 18th Aug 2016
Really nice server, I LOVE THE COMMUNITY! :D
Posted 7th Aug 2016