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PokeMiner 5 | Pixelmon 5.0.1

grade flare

Please note: The server runs Pixelmon version 5.0.1. If you run the wrong version, you will not be able to connect!

PokeMiner 5

What We Offer

  • Level 25 shiny starter Pokemon
  • Player run gyms for level 25-95
  • Player run Elite 4 for level 100 (Coming Soon)
  • We're not pay-to-win, everything in game is freely accessible
  • Pixelmon integrated shops, for all your item needs
  • 7.5x Spawn Rates
  • Discord to chat and organise trades

The Latest Pixelmon

We always update to the very latest Pixelmon version, usually being the first to do so out of all the other servers on the list. So you will know that playing here, you'll always have the newest coolest features before everyone else.

Our Hardware

  • Multiple dedicated enterprise-level servers based in the USA
  • Full system security from experienced professionals
  • 256GB RAM shared across the network
staff are nice and the server is good, overall a fun server to play on, very welcoming community
Posted 21st Feb 2017
This is so far one of my favorite servers. Only server, in fact, and here's why:


- Virtually no lag (Any lag experienced by users are generally because they forget to increase their ram, or their machines can't handle it). I have no issues with this at all

- The staff are actually really helpful and know what they're doing, I've never had an issue.

- The community itself is actually nice and relaxed, I've immediately met nice people even upon joining, and already have brought a friend to the server

- There's only one voting link (This isn't terrible at all, it's just nice to vote for more rewards. But, like I said, one vote a day doesn't really suck.) There's also no pressure to vote at all, which is nice. I've experienced servers where we're constantly reminded to vote.

I would definitely recommend trying the server, new or veteran players. You'll find a nice balance to the spawning (legendries included), and even the plugins. A++
The server replied:
Thanks for the great review! It means a lot to us :)
Posted 15th Feb 2017
everyone is nice and itsa just a great server!
Posted 8th Feb 2017
I really like the server. People are really nice and you can make friends easily. Its quite fun and there are lots of things to do. I recommend it to everyone.
Posted 3rd Feb 2017
At first glance this server reminds alot of the 3.5.1 server, but it has the benefit of having more Pokemon to go on an adventure with. The builds are again very well built. The community however is where this server truly shines. It has the gyms mechanic implemented, so if you ever feel bored, you can take on the gyms. These gyms are fairly difficult to beat and require some prep. Overall this server, as the 3.5.1 one, offers one of the best Pixelmon experiences out there. Definitely worth paying a visit.
Posted 14th Jan 2017
Amazing spawn gyms trainers and mods THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!
Posted 18th Dec 2016