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PokeMiner 5 | Pixelmon 5.0.3

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Please note: The server runs Pixelmon version 5.0.3. If you run the wrong version, you will not be able to connect!

PokeMiner 5

What We Offer

  • Level 25 shiny starter Pokemon
  • Player run gyms for level 25-95
  • Player run Elite 4 for level 100 (Coming Soon)
  • We're not pay-to-win, everything in game is freely accessible
  • Pixelmon integrated shops, for all your item needs
  • 7.5x Spawn Rates
  • Discord to chat and organise trades

The Latest Pixelmon

We always update to the very latest Pixelmon version, usually being the first to do so out of all the other servers on the list. So you will know that playing here, you'll always have the newest coolest features before everyone else.

Our Hardware

  • Multiple dedicated enterprise-level servers based in the USA
  • Full system security from experienced professionals
  • 256GB RAM shared across the network
I think this server is really awesome! The staff is friendly and very helpful, the Community is nice, and I think you should come and Join this awesome community!
Posted 29th Mar 2017
I find this server very friendly in general. The community is amazing and you feel easily inserted there within a few minutes.
Staff is also very present on most timezones, so if you need something you're usually able to find them there to help you.

It also has exclusive plugins you can't find elsewhere, which makes it more interesting. Every time there's a new pixelmon update, they try to update the server as soon as possible as well.

The gym leaders are players, so it's more challenging than just NPCs that you see in most servers.
They also run tournaments every month that vary on difficulty so most times even new players are able to join them.

I wandered around and checked many servers before, but I ended up sticking with Pokeminer and I really enjoy it!
Posted 29th Mar 2017
I returned to pixelmon after not playing for several years. I scouted through several servers, almost all operating with cheap gimmicks that held no appeal to me, wanting to find a server to grow on. I came here second on a list of many servers, and initially passed it by after asking questions about it, wanting to see what else the pixelmon community had to offer. I found no other server that took itself seriously enough to provide a vanilla pixelmon experience. The people here are genuine, willing to engage in both civilized discussion and mess around at the same time.

---If you're looking for a server to stay with, this place is for you---

On another note, some people have taken it upon themselves to fill this server's reviews with negatives out of pure spite. I encourage any of you reading this to ignore these hateful reviews.
Posted 29th Mar 2017
After playing on this server for a while I am finally capable of giving my final verdict. The playerbase it has built are very friendly towards almost everyone. The staff on this server is great at everything they do, except on one point. If you ever argue against them, even if you have a serious complaint, they will ignore and most likely punish you. The best way to deal with this is to send them suggestions, but the problem here is that they don't reply back as I have tried to send suggestions before and never recieved a reply. Besides this, and let me repeat myself, great staff team.
The builds on the server are currently fine as is, with the exception of the gyms, or should I say, lack of gyms. The gyms do not currently have buildings and are all fought in the main arena at spawn. The gym system that was first put in place was full of glitches where the gymleader couldn't accept challenges at the time. The gym plugin has been changed however and the previous occasions won't reflect on the final score.
There will be events held occasionally, with the main event being a tournament. I love the concept of events being held now and then, however for a new player who joins before the event and who won't have enough time to make a team, it really is a shame. Therefor I highly suggest adding more than just tournaments to the events list.
There have been few Pixelmon servers that I truly support, but this is certainly one of them. All that really needs fixed is the contact between the player who has a suggestion and the server itself.
Final Score: 9/10
The server replied:
Thank you for the review! We are actually in heavy development of an automated event system where players can earn points to later spend on cool upgrades to their pokemon :) Stay tuned!
Posted 27th Mar 2017
This server is fun at first for the first hour . However once you play for a while it gets very boring and not fun. The staff also do not help with problems and the owner is really rude to his players. He makes fun of players in the public chat and it's really mean. I would not recommend this server because there are other good servers and this one even isn't even popular or good anyway. Idc if this review gets deleted by the staff. Most players I talked to agree
The server replied:
Hi TokenTeemo, I'm the owner of the server and you messaged me in discord. You're making up a pretty serious lie about me which I thought should be corrected.

You messaged me complaining about server lag when in fact nobody else has complained nor mentioned anything of the sort. You then start saying I am mean and the server sucks after I explain to you the problem is on your end.

I have rarely been in public chats lately as I have been very busy with school projects and developing new features for the server, so I can only assume that you're lying here.

For any other potential players I may add what he found rude was the fact I did not use a lot of emoticons or smileys in my response. We also have rules about using our support channel instead of messaging me "hi" which happens a lot as a server owner.

We're submitting a ticket to have this review removed, and if you choose to leave another fake review, I will happily post the full chat log for public view and report you to the pixelmon server owner blacklist.

You are not banned from the server, but we have put a note on your account for making up false reviews. I hope for the next server you go to that your internet doesn't spass out so you can blame the server owner again.
Posted 26th Mar 2017
Pokeminer has the best pixelmon server I have ever seen. It has a great community, it has good gyms, the staff is excellent and the server seems to be of professional quality. The gym battle's are an awesome added feature that allow players to train up a team and beat a player gym leader, and after beating a gym Receives a Tm and a really cool badge. Another thing I found cool about Pokeminer is that there is a public egg hatching road at warp eggroad. I've heard from staff that the eggroad was built by hand, by a staff member. I use the eggroad almost daily to hatch Pokémon eggs. I also like how the server does events quite often, such as a trivia quiz and the winner gets a little prize. Also like the added touch of the monthly tournaments in which the victor gets an awesome "Victor" tag and rank.
Only Negative: The only negative thing I have to say about the server is that I once had a full inventory and deafeated a boss, but my inventory was full so the items I gained from the boss Pokémon disappeared, but I think that is a pixelmon bug and not a server bug. Rating: Overall I would rate Pokeminer 10/10. I would highly recommend that you join this awesome server and become a part of the community. Also make sure and join the Server discord on which you can trade and make deals with other players and be notified of upcoming tournaments. 10/10
The server replied:
Wow! Awesome review and thank you so much. As for your negative complaint, this is a pixelmon bug and we promise we will update to pixelmon 5.0.3 to fix this as soon as it is released!
Posted 20th Mar 2017
i like how they made the pixlemon :)
Posted 6th Mar 2017
staff are nice and the server is good, overall a fun server to play on, very welcoming community
The server replied:
Thank you very much GetNicked! We promise to keep making PokeMiner a better and more enjoyable experience.
Posted 21st Feb 2017
This is so far one of my favorite servers. Only server, in fact, and here's why:


- Virtually no lag (Any lag experienced by users are generally because they forget to increase their ram, or their machines can't handle it). I have no issues with this at all

- The staff are actually really helpful and know what they're doing, I've never had an issue.

- The community itself is actually nice and relaxed, I've immediately met nice people even upon joining, and already have brought a friend to the server

- There's only one voting link (This isn't terrible at all, it's just nice to vote for more rewards. But, like I said, one vote a day doesn't really suck.) There's also no pressure to vote at all, which is nice. I've experienced servers where we're constantly reminded to vote.

I would definitely recommend trying the server, new or veteran players. You'll find a nice balance to the spawning (legendries included), and even the plugins. A++
The server replied:
Thanks for the great review! It means a lot to us :)
Posted 15th Feb 2017
everyone is nice and itsa just a great server!
Posted 8th Feb 2017
I really like the server. People are really nice and you can make friends easily. Its quite fun and there are lots of things to do. I recommend it to everyone.
Posted 3rd Feb 2017
Amazing spawn gyms trainers and mods THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!
Posted 18th Dec 2016