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SilverMoon Pixelmon

SilverMoon Pixelmon


We are a upcoming Pixelmon server currently running version 3.5.1, and striving towards dedicated staff, quality gym leaders, and imaginative creations alike, we intend on trying to give you the best experience that you can from a Pixelmon server!

Upon joining with your shiny starter you'll start at Spawn, you can choose to look around, ask questions, or even do /rtp right away to start your adventure!

Along with having your own pixelmon adventure we added many things to keep you busy such as playtime rankups, crates, marriage, mcMMO, player vaults and more! We have wonderfully friendly staff and are always seeking Helpers.

Please come check us out to join the fun!
Hope to see you around!
[Owner]Pinguin101 and [Owner]SerenityMay

Bad SAerver
staff give mute kick ban not Reason
Posted 17th Nov 2016