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pixelmon 4.3.0 MC 1.8.9


Welcome To the Pokefreaks Network!

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We have one of the most friendly communities and staff you will find.

Thunder - Pixelmon 4.3.0, Amazing trainer challanges, new rank system, NPC shop and more

Features on both servers include: Breeding enabled, Shiny Starters, Keep Inventory, Riding Enabled, Elite 4, Vote Chests, Legendary Spawning, Not Pay-to-Win, Flying Enabled, Grinders, Gyms, Player Gyms, Events and EV/IV Training, a marry plugin and also a great gym management plugin made by one of the server owners which makes a scoreboard of gyms on the right side of your screen which lists all the gyms and if they are currently open or not

To join the Server with ease then just download and like our Server Modpack for the Technic launcher

Server IP:

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