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Custom Website and Logo

Custom Website and Logo

A total of close $600 spent on just the website images and logos alone
Custom Ai - Luna

Custom Ai - Luna

Our servers Ai Luna was made to help people with any questions they may have. Shes pretty much the first mc server Ai.


Our most popular custom plugin allowing players to have control on what they do
One of the many custom dps

One of the many custom dps

We have many custom dps including both normal and shiny pokemon, master balls, money etc

Server Website: /
Server Ip: /

For ease of information, this description is divided into a separate section for each server.
Each server IP address leads to our hub and you can use them interchangeably.
Each website has links to the other servers websites.

LunarGlaceon is a community based and fun oriented server with a variety of methods to keep you entertained. From planned events to player ran gyms, there is something for everyone. Keep inventory and Peaceful mode are active, meaning you can feel safe while indulging in being adventurous.

Everything we do is custom, including the starting Pokemon list. We believe in delivering a unique experience to those seeking to enjoy the game - whether single player or with friends. Plugins such as Grief Prevention are installed and setup to protect what you've worked for.

Join us today and we're glad you were interested in our server. We look forward to seeing you in game and starting your very own Pixelmon adventure.

Custom Plugins / Server features:

--> *TOKENS - This is our biggest feature it allows you to do a varity of things you can use commands like /tokens and /redeemt list. You can look above for a picture of what it is
-->CUSTOM AI- Our servers custom ai Luna is here to help you out she will usually be able to answer all your questions and msgs the chat as if it were a real person this is both convinent and helpfull for a lot of people
-->/help - the normal /help is so boring so we took it a step forward and made another ai for it /help or /luna works
-->Psell - /ps its like pokesell but it allows you to sell pokemon for a price both swiftly and safely
-->Helx - Ever feeling bored no worries do /helix the helix fossil will answer all of lifes most random questions
-->Pokedp - This is a custom plugin that allows us to give everyone on a server a random normal or shiny Pokemon unique only to us
-->Money/Itemdp - Allows us to give out any amount of money or items to everyone on the servers its both fun and enjoyable

LunarSylveon (5.0.1)
Server Website:
Server IP:
(note that using the IP address of any of our servers will connect you to our hub, where you then connect to the server of your choice.)

Peaceful Difficulty
No need to farm for food nor worry about damage from various sources such as falling or drowning! On the off-chance you find a way to die, we have keep inventory turned on, so you can play worry free!
Custom AI
Our Custom AI Sylvia automatically answers common server questions and provides different functions such as linking websites or displaying the server time.
Competitive Gym and Tournament System
All gyms are prided as a competitive level system. Each gym is monotype with a level cap that raises as you proceed through them in order. Official Tournaments are tracked to provide a ranking ladder for competitive players.
All votes provide points to your linked enjin account so you may buy donation items using those points.
GUI Shop
We host a custom shop accessible through the /shop command. This shop hosts nearly every item for you to buy with in game money.
Custom Shiny Starters
Our starter pokemon are not only all Shiny, they are all custom chosen to give players a wide variety!

Thank you for your time and support!
~LunarGlaceon/LunarSylveon Staff


Admin and players plz tell me how to download pixelmon I have been looking forever plz help me
The server replied:
Hey sorry for the late reply thanks for the question!

You can download pixelmon at:
I recommend using the pixelmon launcher:

You can download pixelmon version 3.5.1 for 1.7.10 or pixelmon version 5.0.1 for v 1.10.2

Our pixelmon 1.7 server is
While our 5.0.1 server is

Both ips connect to the same hub that will connect to both servers so it doesn't really matter!

If you need more help post your questions at
Posted 11th Mar 2017
i like this server a lot its really fun
Posted 7th Jan 2017
I like how nice and kind the people are on the server. I also like that It has custom starters because sometimes the old starters can get a little boring. Finally I love the great builds. They look o Majestic and Magical.
Posted 6th Dec 2016
it has a friendly and kind staff and the gyms are awesome and the terrain that the server makers had made the different places look like is awesome.
Posted 28th Nov 2016
LunarGlaceon is a place where you get to interact with others and play pixelmon at the same time! The environment is super friendly when we all communicate with one another.
Posted 7th Oct 2016
The staff are amazing as well as the community! They put so much effort into making this a fun and happy place! Aideed and the staff team are doing a great job doing a great job!
Posted 7th Oct 2016
Very Great server owner is a super cool guyyy
Posted 7th Oct 2016
I love the server it's the best pixelmon server i ever played!
Posted 10th Sep 2016
I think that the server is really addictive and I play it every day now. I love it!
Posted 10th Sep 2016
this server is great thare is not lag the staff are nice and the server is well made and fun
Posted 3rd Sep 2016
The voting here is awesome. The Community is awesome. The Players are awesome. Luna is awesome. Aideed is awesome. Everything is awesome
Posted 2nd Sep 2016
It's sick and vote rewards are really good as well as shiny starters
Posted 25th Aug 2016
This is honestly one of the best Pixelmon servers I have ever visited. Unlike most Pixelmon servers, which expect you to gather your team straight from the beginning, this one actually places Pixelmon throughout the world, allowing you to actually gather new teammates to add to your team. Truly a work of genius from Aideed, and for that I thank you. Have a great day.
Posted 17th Aug 2016
This server is amazing! The owner is helpful and gives free stuff out! Welldone for having a good server!
Posted 17th Aug 2016
The server is amazing, it has great staff and players alike!
Posted 15th Aug 2016
I feel like the server really puts a lot of effort into what it has become,I like this server because it's worth others time,people choose what they want to play because they want to give it a try,or they like it,
I love this server :)
Posted 15th Aug 2016
this server is very fun and non time consuming ive been playing for one week and already have two legendarys!
Posted 15th Aug 2016
Bad staff, the server its-self is fun but the community is toxic. Overall had a bad time there.
Posted 14th Aug 2016