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GengarCraft NEED STAFF

GengarCraft NEED STAFF!

pin_drop Mc.Gengarcraft.Com

Our server is a 1.7.10 pixelmon 3.5.1 minecraft server!
We have just started out so we do need staff all ranks are open and we have a website to fill in applications which should be down below : OTTOCANGAME im the owner along with ByTarget being Owner Aswell and my 2nd in command. We have our Head-Builder TheBluePepsi1200 and other ranks but more need filling in!

We are currently in need of staff including all ranks for example: Helper,Mod,Admin,Head-Admin, Builder etc. we are 24/7 so it is likely that no staff are online but here is OTTOCANGAMEs skype which should be 24/7 response. Skype: ottpot1 Dont judge I made when i was 7 XD

We hope you enjoy your stay at GengarCraft and come soon again!

Thanks for taking your time to read this :


Bad Server. Unfriendly staff, you get banned/kicked without doing anything and they are giving items to their friends.

Youre better off not joining!
Posted 30th Sep 2016