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Mergical Gaming

Mergical Gaming


Mergical Gaming offers a one-of-a-kind pixelmon experience. We feature competitive, player-run, dual-typed gyms, a large Battle Frontier, 24/7 uptime, virtually no lag, a Move Tutor with server exclusive Move Tutor moves and abilities, such as Earth Power Typhlosion and Rock Head Rampardos, weekly Tournaments and events, and much, much more!

Other features include:

  • Huge PokeMart with almost every item and block
  • GriefPrevention
  • EVs/IVs Commands
  • Breeding
  • Riding Enabled
  • EV Training Center
  • KeepInventory on
  • Peaceful Survival
  • Safari Zone
  • Global Trade Station
  • All Legendaries spawn

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