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Treasure Island


Ahoy! Welcome to Treasure Island, a family friendly pirate themed network!

Our dedicated Pixelmon server recently updated to version 4.3 Beta 12 and we are always looking for new players to explore all the new additions with us!

To join us, all you need is the following:

Minecraft version 1.8.9
Forge version (recommended)
Pixelmon 4.3 Beta 12

What do we have to offer?

A dedicated Sponge based server running Pixelmon (v4.3 Beta 12) for 1.8.9.
A huge world with all biomes available – our world border is at 40k x 40k.
Friendly players and staff – have a good time on our family-friendly server.
We have an increased average Pokemon spawn rate and Legendary spawning is enabled.
We have several NPC gyms you can battle.
Riding and flying on Pokemon is enabled.
Official sidemods: We’re running EVsIVs, WonderTrade, PixelmonExtras, PixelmonFriends and Pixelmon_Auction.
Other serverside mods: We use GriefPrevention, Mighty Loot (treasure hunts!), and plan on adding AdventureMMO.
Easily obtainable starter rank, and various donaator ranks (which can be bought using in game currency).
We keep many survival elements alive that make Vanilla Minecraft great.
We also feature a few things to make your beginning on the server a little easier. KeepInventory is on!
Our /kit starter will get you some gear, tools, and Pixelmon items to help you out in the beginning.
We run various monthly network-wide competitions and giveaways!

Does that sound like your kind of server? Then don't hesitate to join us! If you have any questions, just post a comment below and we'll be happy to answer and help you out. Or simply meet us and our staff in game on -

Connect via our server IP -

Friendly community, no lag spikes or crashes, shops, gyms and everything you need in a pixelmon server basically :).
Posted 30th Dec 2016