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xTcRMC Pixelmon

xTcRMC Pixelmon 4.3.1


✔Pixelmon 4.3.1 ✔2x/4x EXP Rates/weekends ✔No Fall Damage ✔Golden Shovel Protection
✔Daily Events ✔ Survival (Pre-Generated Map) ✔ NPC Gyms/Player Gyms ✔ Vote for Legends

Important Info
Pixelmon Server IP:
Teamspeak IP:
Website URL:
Main-Branch Website URL:

xTcRMC presents to you a brand new Pixelmon 4.3.0 server.
What we hope to provide now and in the future, is top quality servers. We will do our best to keep the gameplay as lag-free as possible to our players and allow them the enjoyment of the game itself.
Our servers will always now and forever be updated to the latest versions of pixelmon to provide the best gameplay mechanics. When our boxes cant handle it... We upgrade it!
You have a choice among the many pixelmon servers but should not regret making the one with our services.

We are looking to grow this new server to be up there with other top servers as we were 2 years ago.
We are always recruiting into our friendly and top quality staff-ranks so if you represent yourself well, one day you may join us.
xTcRMC is a branch off of a much higher Gaming community featuring many servers among the steam platform.
While we offer Pixelmon we offer a huge network and can ensure our services are paid off for years to come! These servers will not Die!

Review for Random Shiny + Masterball
To celebrate the release of our new pixelmon 1.8.9 server we are holding our first annual Forum Event. All you have to do is leave a review good or bad.
Let us know what we can improve on or what you really like! That is the requirement, it must be a solid review!
Along with the review users must list their In-Game Username at the end of their post. The review must be made here:
Note: Only 1 review per Player

Hope to see you soon!

Issues connecting to the server?
Make sure you are running the newest Beta Launcher

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