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PokeSmash is a newly released Pixelmon server relentlessly striving towards player dedication. Our server offers unique features, such as a pokemenu plugin, free ranks, and more.

Server Features:
Server online 24/7 - Always up.
Grief prevention.
Well trained staff, helpers, moderators, admins to help with your needs.
A player driven market that you can buy and sell on!
Awesome donation perks and ranks.
Player gym leaders, which you can apply for.
Custom catered content for the best experience on Pixelmon.

Server IP:

I do not like this server one bit. I logged on and 1 person welcomed me. Theres no community at all! And timed ranks? I think thats stupid. It ruins the economy
Posted 2nd Sep 2016
ITS sOOOOOOO laggy not wurth the time did not enjoy the time i was on.
Posted 2nd Sep 2016
Sounds good but can you please post ip or let me see i can help out i am good with plugins, setting up ranks and more.
Posted 20th Jul 2016