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Emerellis Pixelmon


Islands Server

Islands Server

Come join today!


Version: 4.3.1

Come and survive in the heart of the badlands, thrive in the jungles, chill on the beaches, or settle in a forest cottage with your Eevee!
This server includes:

  • Survival
  • Safari Zones
  • Elite 4
  • Special Legendary Pokemon Events
  • Keep Inventory is on
  • Riding is enabled
Very good server, can be very laggy at times but only when there is a lot of people in one area with many pokemon. Great server!
Posted 31st Oct 2016
It says that I don't have some mods so I cant join?? Can anyone help me with this problem?? Please and thanks!!:)
Posted 12th Sep 2016
Server is very laggy at certain points, the staff does not help whatsoever they ignore basically every question. I asked if they would up the pokemon rates and if they were going to fix the lag and I got told by the admin Magik to "gtfo". Not worth it there are way better servers out there!
Posted 29th Aug 2016
This server has the greatest community and the most helpful staff in the world. The server is always up and lag is rare. Overall I think the server is great!
Posted 11th Aug 2016
I've been playing this server for 3 days and have met players who are helpful and nice. The staff are exceptional and are really helpful but they don't always act serious and hard to approach.
They give permanent saturation to players so food isn't required, but there is food incase there's any trouble.
All Pixelmon spawn as they should and I've experienced no errors that can't easily be fixed.
There's are periodic tournaments so they server gives players a goal to work towards and is rarely boring.
Players are able to host their own gyms so it's not always you against A.I's

Overall, I think this server will go far and thoroughly enjoy it and the plethora of entertainment it has brought me so far.
Posted 11th Aug 2016
Its a really fun server, and even though I havent been playing on it too long I really enjoy the company of the people that play on there with me. Everyone is so friendly there. - Vixxette
Posted 11th Aug 2016