This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Pika-Unlimited [Pixelmon Dark]


Welcome to Pika-Unlimited!
We use Pixelmon Dark which includes 90 new pokemon (see video above) and have a modpack for easy joining!
Download it here:

Join our Discord for support and to chat!

We offer two survival servers to play on!

We offer a friendly community with many server features!


We have dedicated machines and have been online for 4 years!

Poke Hunting!

Free /Pokeheal

24/7 uptime!

Global Trading Station!


Helpful and friendly player staff!

Human Gyms (not NPCS)!

Lively Discord!


Active forums!
Drop by our Discord!


Amazing server!!!! Good and Friendly staff, Amazing community!! Recommend greatly!! THis was the first minecraft server that I have spent money on and Im happy bout it :)
Posted 1st Apr 2017
This server is the best server I have personally ever been on - Staff are always trying to help the Server out, and adding things that the players want. This Server is extraordinary. I suggest ya'll join now!
Posted 20th Jan 2017
Does not have elite 4 (currently) as advertized. The staff are all extremely entitled. And you have very limited freedom of speech and expression, both on the server and on the forums.
Posted 16th Jan 2017
Pikacity is the best server i have ever been on! Being a 1 year member I've seen the community and server grow and it is the best it has ever been! The staff are friendly and fun, the players are kind and super cool, and the owner is one of a kind! Join Pikacity today, It is truly a remarkable server!

#Best Pixelmon Server #Best Server #Join today!!
Posted 10th Jan 2017
Alright so... When i first started playing pixelmon about 2 years ago I Was searching through tons of servers. The first one that caught my attention was Pikacity! It was a small server at the time and only had about 20 people on at max. Once i joined i instantly got addicted to it. Pikacity is the most loving, caring, best server out there for new players. The Straff is Great and the Player's make it feel like an online home. I Love this server and still play it to this day As should you.
Posted 9th Jan 2017
When I first started playing Pixelmon I scouted out roughly 20 other servers before deciding on pikacity. Every server has their advantages and disadvantages but ultimately I felt pikacity was the best fit for me. There is an active community and people seem to be playing all hours of the day, if a problem occurs the staff at usually quick to help if something isn't already drawing their attention, player gyms, PG setting good for families playing. Not to mention the owner is active in the community as well which I found rare in most other servers and tends to directly help his player base. I also enjoy how they always seek to improve their server and usually are open to suggestions. It's a great server and I'm glad to be a part of it!
Posted 8th Jan 2017
Probably the best Pixelmon server I have ever played on, Pikacity truly feels like a family, and makes sure that you are never left out x3
Posted 8th Jan 2017
This is one of the best servers i have ever played i love playing on this server during my free time :)
Posted 7th Jan 2017
I've been playing on this server for 3 years and it is constantly making improvement. It has lots of great staff who are kind and always able to help. It is ran great and kept pg so all players can have fun. There are often dps and other fun activities to have some fun. I see so many players join in one day, I've even seen up to 20 players join within a couple hours! I love this server and I will keep playing 5 stars!
Posted 7th Jan 2017
Can confirm, this server is great. I love playing on Pika. :)
Posted 7th Jan 2017