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Pixelmon Realms

Pixelmon Realms


♚Pixelmon Realms
♚Pixelmon 5.0.1
♚Minecraft 1.10.2

Server Features
♚ 5x Pokemon Spawn rates
♚ Player Gym Leaders
♚ Ev Training
♚ Level 15 Shiny Starters
♚ Daily Vote Rewards
♚ Increased Shiny/Legend Spawn Rate
♚ Grief Preventon
♚ Amazingly Stable Economy
♚ Super Friendly Staff
♚ Wondertrade

This server is great, the Owners are helpful and active, the staff is nice, the spawn rates are great, the community is nice, and the voting rewards and ranks are very well made.
Posted 11th Jan 2017
Owner goes around griefing servers like a bitch fuck him
Posted 8th Jan 2017
I have enjoyed every minute I spend on pixelmonrealms! The staff and Admin are extremely helpful and friendly as well as the community. Server store offers a lot and is fairly priced. You will see me on this server for hours every day! :D

<3 Pixelmonrealms
Posted 7th Jan 2017
I like this server for ti's simplicity, the Staff are very nice to get along with as well as it's community :D

I would definitely recommend this to my friends.
Posted 7th Jan 2017
This server is amazing I love it! Phantom (The Owner) is awesome!
Posted 7th Jan 2017
Fantastic server overall. I've decided to list some features of it here that I've enjoyed:

Great seed starting location. Very close to a Mesa and snow area for those wanting to catch different types of Pokemon right from the start.

Shop selling most of the power items currently. This makes EV training far less of a chore for the players. You're also able to buy Lucky Eggs, as well as Exp. Share in their shop, making leveling less of a hassle. There are also various other shops you might enjoy, such as TMs, ores, blocks, and berries.

External moves are enabled. Useful for people who like to use dig and cut to get things done quicker in the late game. You could also attempt to forage yourself up a good fishing rod.

The biggest benefit a Pixelmon server can have is a good amount of spawns, and this server certainly has it. The amount of Pokemon you will find is plentiful, and it aides you in both leveling up your team and finding additions to it, as well as enjoying a Pixelmon world that isn't starving for actual Pokemon, as so many other Pixelmon servers are.

Try it out, I'm sure you'd love it.
Posted 6th Jan 2017
Finally! A good server for all ages! The owner man he is sooooooooo nice! I play on this server everyday! If you want a server that does things the right way then this is the server!!! I recommend you download it
Posted 5th Jan 2017
Amazing Server. Honestly the most friendly owner I have ever come across.

One of those 1 in 1 million servers that does things right!

I rate 10/10 new things coming all the time!
Posted 3rd Jan 2017