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Pixelmon Regio server



Hey , thank you for taking a look at our topic.
I will explain to you guys what kind of server this is.
Our server uses the PIXELMONMOD & CustomNPCmod.
This means that random pokemon will spawn over the whole map. Just as in the original mod every pixelmon will spawn BUT on our server they spawn in every route.
Like in the games of pokemon today!


Kanto is a region in pokemon. The first serie that ash did was in the Kanto region.
On our server are all the pokemon from generation 1 and the starters bulbasaur squirtle and charmander. (we added pikachu and eevee)
Just like in the games you will get a pixelmon from professor oak in our server.


Yes we are making every region in our server. We have almost finished the Johto region with most of the generation 2 pokemon.


In Kanto there are 8 gym's.

  1. Rock.
  2. Water.
  3. Electric.
  4. Grass.
  5. Poison.
  6. Psychic.
  7. Fire.
  8. Ground

On our server you need to defeat the first gym before you can go further with your journey. Just like in the games.

What have we added more?

Safari Zone:

We have a own safari zone where you can catch pokemon.that are not catchable on the routes itslef like pichu.
You can go there afther you have beaten the 6th gym.


We have an awesome plot system. You rent a plot in the middle of a kanto city where you can build your own cool house.
We have little plots for free and bigger plots for a little price.

Vote Keys:

We also added vote keys and chest. When you vote you get a key for a specified chest.
In the chests you can get awesome stuff like ultra balls or more keys.

Donation Store:

We have a donation store on our site where you can get kits and pokemon from other GEN.

Special Events:

We added special events every month players gets the chance to get either zapdos,articuno or moltres.
By doing there challenge you can get in a special room where a staff member spawns the legend and then you can catch it.

How to join?

This is a guide on how to play our server

step 1: download forge and pixelmon 3.4 at

step 2: open forge and run it client make sure you runned minecraft 1.7.10 at least once.

step 3: start minecraft and go to profile select forge and click on play.

step 4: when minecraft started close it and download custom npc mod 1.7.10 at

step 5: go to your windows at the bottem of your screen go to search and type %appdata%

step 6: go to roaming from there go to minecraft then to mods and put pixelmon 3.4 and the custom npc mod in there.

step 7: run minecraft with forge profile and go to multiplayer-add server and add

step 8: have fun with playing on the server.

Start you're journey today!

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