This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes. However, this server has been relisted as MirageCraft Pixelmon.
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Cracked - MirageCraft Pixelmon Server


The world of Pokémon is a quite lonely one, filled with unimaginative creatures and their mysterious abilities. To us, Pokémon are not limited to the gaming world, but reach out to us in myriad ways, some untold. And yet, Pokémon provide surreal enjoyment in its adventure and characters, and when blended with a sandbox adventure game like Minecraft, plenty of ideas spring up, and create a whole new experience for every individual player. Some say it is just a dream, but we can bring it into reality. This ain’t no dream. This is MirageCraft.

We at MirageCraft strive to bring this awesome mix of Minecraft and Pokémon to as many as we can, in the best of quality. MirageCraft is a simple survival Pixelmon server with all necessary plugins, forums and staff to bring the best out of Pixelmon. This server is completely lag-free and has 99.9% uptime.

What makes MirageCraft the best out there?

  1. It's Survival, c'mon! Most servers out there only provide Adventure mode, which limits fun and opportunity, yet we offer Survival without boundaries! In survival, you can mine, build, and craft, whilst becoming the best Trainer ever. It's Minecraft + Pokémon for a good reason.

  2. keepInventory is switched on! You don't need to worry about your precious items getting lost upon your death. Play without worrying about death! You can also donate for /god which makes you unable to take damage or lose hunger.

  3. Pokémon riding. Some other servers cannot provide this because of lack of RAM, but we’ve gotcha covered! Our high standards provide a lag-free environment, where you go to the fullest when it comes to you and your Pokémon.

  4. An elite staff of Admins and Mods. When it comes to taking charge, nobody ever likes a mod that abuses his/her power and ruins the experience for everybody. That’s why we choose the best of the best, people who we believe can enforce rules, and yet helps out in the community.

  5. Pokémon battles are top notch! After all, aren’t battles the essence of Pokémon? We hire Gym Leaders, and Elite Four to challenge the aspiring, build stadiums, and host regular tournaments for players to prove their battling skills in this huge server.

  6. An awesome community! To preserve the quality of the server, we implement rules to keep all players happy and enjoying. And we’re glad to say, the rules worked! From the server’s chat to the forums threads, players get to enjoy chatting as if they were talking in real life!

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