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Pixelmon ChaosCraft - Gyms Land Claim


Welcome To Pixelmon ChaosCraft
We have high pokemon spawn rates and legendary spawn rates.
All 8 Pixelmon Gyms are ready to be defeated for the gym badges! The pixelmon gyms are scatted through the world, There is a gym selection area at spawn to teleport to the desired gym instantly.
Pixelmon Gyms and coords:
grass gym 1: 409 69 520
water gym 2: 884 63 -623
thunder gym 3: -198 69 -222
fighting gym 4: -37 64 -1008
normal gym 5: 756 68 -67
ghost gym 6: 1134 62 918
fire gym 7: 256 68 1358
dragon gym 8: -607 64 -134

Pixelmon Hotspots ingame:
Chaos Power Plant LVL: 25-45 // -178 67 79
Team Rocket Hideout Coming Soon!

Server Shops & Pixelmon Shop Are Found At The Spawn Zone/Safe Zone
You will keep your inventory if you die.
The Dropper mini game is set up with 6 dropper towers to play through.
HealthName Mod displays the health of players or mobs above their head.

Required To Play:
Download Forge 1.10.2
Download Pixelmon v5.0.2

Server Sided Plugins And Mods Used:
Polis Factions Land Claiming Plugin:
total economy plugin:

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