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Pokeworld - Keep Inventory - Pixelmon Transfers


Pokeworld, the new upcoming Pixelmon server.
With highly trained staff, custom plugins, and a strong setup, the server is ready to play with no loss of pokemon/worlds.
No inventory loss. Flying allowed. Economy. Wondertrade. Safari Zone.

If that IP doesn't work, try this:
The IP will work within 24 hours.


There are people in this server that are lovely. Some are not. A friend lost six pokemon on this server due to a glitch and the owner - Brannon - refused to help, saying it would take too much effort. I was banned after saying that I would not spend any more money on the server/pixelmon if problems were not going to be fixed.

I had been made a HELPER. I had paid money for certain features, and spent a lot of my time on this server. Only to be banned for standing up to the owner and saying it was unfair.

By all means, play on this server. But be wary of the money you spend, and that any glitches/problems you have will not be fixed by the owner or the mods. I have also experienced the staff making fun of the smaller player in the staff chat, so be aware that without your knowledge, you could be being made fun of.

After the ban, the owner accused me and my friend of 'robbing the server'. I don't even know what that means, but it sure as hell didn't happen. PLEASE DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU. We were high-regarded players, who had even communicated with the owner in friendly manners in the past, only to be treated like this.

He claimed we were trying to charge back which was the reason he banned. We charged back AFTER our ban. There is proof of this.

The server is unreliable, crashes, and you disconnect frequently. There have been loads of issues with it and smaller players get ignored.

Scroll past this server. Find another one, with nicer staff and a better community.
Posted 25th Nov 2016
The server is great. Staff are friendly, the community is awesome and the server is fun.
Posted 23rd Oct 2016
My experience after several hours has been positive. The community seems to be kind and active. I have not seen any issues with the staff, and with the number of active players i doubt the claims of the 2 previous reviews. I would personally recommend friends of mine to this server.
Posted 22nd Oct 2016
really do not like this server. its not fun and the community is one of the worst i have seen so far.
Posted 20th Oct 2016
this is a fun server but the one of the owners and their helper are tyrannical, just getting on their bad side is punishable by ban and trying to defend someone who gets banned gets you muted.
Posted 2nd Oct 2016