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Make your own mark on the Aura Region’s ever expanding story where the collective effort of players helps write the next chapter. Not all as it seems however, and actions that benefit you one day may carry dire consequences in the future. Story is told through a collection of events that happen weekly, within these, you will obtain special items to help you in your journey as well as shape the sever.

Parkour Arenas:
Fancy yourself a Freerunner? Take part in the epic parkour challenges that await you in the different towns, each modified to a specific element. Once you have completed them first time round, you will be able to revisit them to obtain a new and random reward every 24 hours.

The Aura Region was once home to the fierce and honoured Aura Guardians – protectors of the realm. However their numbers have dwindled yet their legacy remains – buried deep inside the temples under the earth that they sought to protect from the Rise of the Chaos Pokémon. Within these Aura Temples hold a vast number of secretes and dangers that await trainers with the courage to face the many trials that lay ahead. What will you discover?

Boss Regions:
Hidden in the depths of the Aura Region are what are known as Boss Regions. These Regions are home to some of the Strongest Pokémon and offer a higher chance of discovering a Boss Pokemon.

Legendry Quests:
Want to find a specific legendry Pokémon? Trainers are now able to take part in automatic quests that allow them to hunt down legendary Pokémon. However you may only embark on one Legendry per a set. For Example: If you accept the Zapdos quest, you will not be able to take part in the Articuno or Moltres quests. So choose wisely.

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