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Initia Nova Pixelmon 4.2.1


Server ip:
Pixelmon 4.1.4

Very Important before joing makes sure for reducing any lag increase mc memory to at least 2 GB, turn off vsync and update java. Thanks

Welcome to InitiaNova! Our server offers a fun and friendly community. We have gyms that you can battle
the pokemon you have worked so hard to train in order to win your badge. Collect all 8 badges and
battle the Elite Four!

This is a survival server with a claiming system to help protect your builds.

The staff is friendly and helpful and we are always watching for good friendly people to join our staff and
our gym leaders.

  • Drop parties!
  • Chat Game!
  • Pokemon Auctions!
  • Events!
  • Great staff!
  • Tournaments!
  • Gym Leader Opportunities!
i love this server so much fun nice people don't lag can find pokemon
Posted 17th Sep 2016
This server is by far one of the best ive ever played on
Posted 11th Sep 2016
the server was lacking in stuff to do
Posted 2nd Sep 2016
Don't like this server. This server lacks things to do and is laggy.
Posted 2nd Sep 2016
i love the game and it really fun but there some lag
Posted 29th Aug 2016
When I fist got on I immediately fell in love with it it's nice and small and the community is nice and every thing is awesome
Posted 25th Aug 2016
Once I joined this server 2 days ago I really liked how the community helps each other, with explaining what items give advantages in battles, and the same with Pokemon evolution. -LitAsLenny
Posted 17th Aug 2016
This is one of the most unique pixelmon servers i've seen in a while! Players seem to be friendly, welcoming and helpful! The shop is one of a kind and there are active staff! I really like Initian Nova, 10/10.
Posted 7th Aug 2016
This server is pretty nice, not that much lag. I like the amount of features they have from being able to auction your Pokemon and I like that it is an open world. I do not like the specified map servers. Although I feel like some staff could lighten up a bit, but it is still a nice friendly server. I have made friends on here too.
Posted 5th Aug 2016
This is a great server the mods and admins and even the other player are really helpful it has a really good setup easy to follow and fun to play their is minor lag but its not that much considering the mod it runs I give it a full 100/100
Posted 4th Aug 2016
This is my favorite server it is an open world server that i feel is more like pokemon than any other server it has good gym and E4 has great staff and is a great community. -EpicBlueDevil
Posted 2nd Aug 2016
This server has a great open world pixelmon experience
Posted 11th Jul 2016