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Immortal Pixelmon 5.0.0 Beta 12 Mega OP & None OP


Immortal Pixelmon | 5.0.0 Beta 12 | Mega OP & None OP | Dedicated |

A Pixelmon server with a Hub, a Mega OP server and a None-OP Server.
The Mega-OP Provides a great overpowered experience with OP kits and Drop Partys! Take your pick. Pixelmon 4.2.7

Server Info:
CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1245v2 @ 3.6Ghz
HDD: 2 x 300GB SSD RAID 0
PORT: 1Gbit
DDoS Protected

The staff are cruel and abusive. This server should be deleted.
The server replied:
Cruel and abusive because nobody on the server liked you due to your annoying nature? You also attempted to ban evade on several occasions.
Posted 23rd Nov 2016
I love this server. It has some very unique features like the insanely op kits you get in the Mega Op server. Also, the None Op server is coming out soon and I'm super excited about it! Please come join us!
Posted 16th Aug 2016
This Server is amazing! It has everything anyone could ask for. Mega Op is definitely Op, and non op isn't out yet but it's coming REAL Soon!! This server deserves a large playerbase, so please come join!!!!!
Posted 19th Jul 2016