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MirageCraft Survival Pixelmon

MirageCraft Survival Pixelmon


Server IP:

MirageCraft strives to bring this awesome mix of Minecraft and Pokémon to as many as we can, in the best of quality.


Level 10 Starter
No Lag
Legendaries Enabled
High spawn rate
Gyms and Elite4
Friendly Staff
Awesome Community
Land Protection
Chest Protection
Cool Teams
EV and IV checker
Side mods
Donator perks
Vote for rewards
Lucky Vote prizes
Top Voter prizes
Points System

Horrible server.

You aren't allowed to plant apricorns and there is only one /sethome.

Also, for those of you who like to play the Pixelmon mod without hunger, hunger is active on this server.
Posted 18th Oct 2016
on miragecraft i have had more fun than i have on anything else, playing pixelmon on there made me smile
Posted 30th Sep 2016
I love how there are people always playing. So many friendly and helpful people with a server well maintained in most rulings
Posted 22nd Sep 2016
I have only talked to a member of staff once before on the server and he was really helpful. There are many sensible people on the server and never any swearing. However, the server tends to go down a lot but that is the only flaw .

My minecraft name is mcserk5
Posted 18th Sep 2016
I really enjoy this server as it is easy to play on and has very sensible people on it. They manage lag issues very well. However, they do go down quite a lot but that is the only downfall.
Posted 18th Sep 2016
This Server MirageCraft is great in many different ways

Pros: Lovely community, Great mods, on 24hrs , makes friends easily, x4 spawn rate, start with level 10 to give you a head start, Good commands.

Cons: Lags sometimes, Sometime people rage ( can't change ), Filter is a bit weird, Some commands don't work ( pauc ).

overall This server is amazing in perspectives with all these goods and bads I love this server. As it gets better and better ever second.

Ign: Harnessthepower
Pixelmon website username: Logout
Posted 14th Sep 2016
it is an amazing server and i think it can grow bigger and better so i htink it will be better in the near future
Posted 10th Sep 2016
This is the first Pixelmon server I've played on since my boyfriend also plays on mirage and got me into Pixelmon. Overall it's great! My only issue is it has a bit of a lag issue sometimes and the server crashes but that's to be expected when the server is almost always at 90-100 population. The people are friendly and the mods really try to help in a timely fashion whenever any issues arise.
Posted 28th Aug 2016
I have recently joined this server and I absolutely love it. The staff are very helpful and friendly, they are also fun to be around
Posted 20th Aug 2016
this server has amazing staff, excellent people, and it generally has an amazing community
Posted 17th Aug 2016
So far very well put together. Good connection, good people, great mod.
Posted 12th Aug 2016
It's alot better than some of the other servers no lag easy to understand and all the mods are really helpful. All around a really good server i would recommend
Posted 8th Aug 2016
no lag at all totally not bein sarcastic
Posted 2nd Aug 2016
Great Server! Awesome Features, Helpful Staff and Most important the community is great. Whenever I have a question or need help everyone helps
Posted 30th Jul 2016
amazing server at least one of the best in pixelmon
Posted 29th Jul 2016
Great server but it says I'm white listed, help?
Posted 28th Jul 2016
For the most part the staff helps out the players as much as they can the community on the server is friendly they will try to help each other as much as they can.The server is currently is a bit laggy but will be upgraded 2 days after this post so the server will be lag free.Pokemon spawn rates are somewhat low i believe it is hard to find Pokemon in some biomes.More events should be hosted or tournaments the few tournaments i've seen are only Ground,Flying,and Electric I have no idea why its only those types but they should add more.Overall the server is fine but needs some improvement.
Posted 26th Jul 2016
Player on the server for a few minutes and it's AWESOME! I wish more wild pokemon would spawn but thats all fine!
Posted 25th Jul 2016
The staff are very nice, and I love the spawn rate. But sometimes, it lags a ton. It gets pretty annoying. But overall, it's probably the best Pixelmon server I've been to.
Posted 24th Jul 2016
This server is very good many pokemon and and things that you can do well there is too little water pokemon but that does not bother me in general the server is very nice keep it up : D lg Marvin
Posted 23rd Jul 2016
This Server is amazing!!! i love this server i play on it every day! the staff is super nice.Nobody has griefed my house and overall is a great server
Posted 19th Jul 2016
I would have liked like 3 or 5 rare candies in the beginning so it might have been easier starting off with the server, I really like the amount of poke balls we were given also its a clean server the map I sent messed up and it looks fine also I really like the spawn with all the little shops and gyms. I think it's a really nice server sofar :)
Posted 18th Jul 2016