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The Triad of Creation

The Triad of Creation


At TToC Servers Inc. we value our Players and believe they should come first. Our staff team is dedicated to helping you and making your experience the best it can be. TToC Servers Inc. offers many things, If you want a shiny new in-game donor rank, stop by our store and pick one out to show your friends! Cash in those stored enjin-points for a free rank or a special item! Have you ever wanted to join our Staff Family? Read our community forum post for tips and tricks before submitting a app on our Website! Please read our /rules so you know what we allow and what we don't. Visit our website to contact us or use our Live Support!

This Server Is Really Nice I Love Them So I Hope They Can Grow :D
The server replied:
Thank you! We hope you are with us all the way!
Posted 16th Oct 2016