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KerberosMC - 1.8.9 Pixelmon!


Welcome to KerberosMC

PokeBuilder ✯ PokeDisguise ✯ PokeAuction/Item Auction ✯ ClearLag ✯ GriefPrevetion ✯ Economy/Shops ✯ Voting ✯ Kits ✯ Wondertrade ✯ Safari ✯ Teams ✯ EvTraining Place ✯ Gym & E4 ✯ Weekly Events ✯ Tourneys ✯ Keep Inventory ✯ Survival ✯ NoPvP ✯ No Hunger ✯ 24/7 ✯ No Lag ✯ Ranks ~~ All in one great server! :-D

✔ Server website:
✔ Server IP:
✔ Discord Server:

KerberosMC is always updated to the latest versions of Pixelmon. We have amazing custom content for you to enjoy! We have little to no lag! We have amazing staff members to help you out in your time of needs and to take care of those pesky people who try to take away your fun! D: We always look for Gym and E4 Leaders to be the best and battle challengers! We have a fun community with weekend drop parties and other events such as tourneys! Come be apart of this epic opportunity on joining one of the best 1.8.9 Pixelmon servers out there!

I loved it. I have been looking for a server like this in a long time
Posted 17th Sep 2016
Though I have only just joined this server it has everything I wanted in a server and I think I've found my main pixelmon server every other one just didn't grab my attention but this one is just amazing there's nothing I could possible dislike about it
Posted 20th Jul 2016
Really friendly staff. Great server. Great community! pretty fun in genereal!
Posted 18th Jul 2016
This is the best sever ever.
Posted 18th Jul 2016