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Welcome to Dirty Jeans' Pixelmon Server! We are a server that is completely dedicated to making you feel as comfortable as possible while still getting the signature multi-player pixelmon experience. If you haven't heard of pixelmon before, it is a modded version of Minecraft that combines the addictiveness of Pokemon with the creativity of the Minecraft you know and love! If you don't love huge servers and feeling like you're unimportant, join our server and you will always feel important. Our server is not massive, but it is has enough people to keep it interesting.

What our server offers:

  • Gym Leaders (still recruiting)
  • Plans for Elite Four
    ‚Äč- Unique Ranking System
  • Friendly People
  • And much more!

Information about Gyms -
1.) When you challenge a gym leader, you MUST have your pokemon level-locked.
The way to do this is when you open the summary of your pokemon, if you look at the portrait, and look at the top right of the portrait box, there is a small L. Press this L to level-lock your pokemon. Don't worry you can turn off this when you have defeated the gym leader.
2.) You have to be at or below the level cap of the gym leader to challenge them.

The way you become a gym leader is you have to apply on the forums to become one.

Our Gym Leaders:

  • Flying type Gym - ian_9212 - Level Cap: 40
  • Fire type Gym - Levieye - Level Cap: 50
  • Psychic type Gym - ak47joker - Level Cap: 60


  • Owners: Levieye, ak47joker
  • Admins: ian_9212
  • Mods: N/A

IP Address:

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