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APOC Gaming Pixelmon [Anti-Grief] [Riding Enabled]


Welcome to APOC Gaming!
Hosting public gaming servers since 2010!

APOC Gaming is a very large playerbase community with thousands of players on our multiple servers.

APOC Gaming also has a very organized and active forums for all to use to report issues with players, servers, staff, or just to meet new people from other servers!

Each one of our servers has its own independent staff system, each server has its own Head Admin (Deus Admins), Admins, and Moderators. We are recruiting new staff everyday so apply on our forums and join our team!

We have a simple set of rules that all players AND staff AND supporters must follow, we are very strict do not test us:

Do not harass, insult, excessively cuss, make racial or religious remarks, threaten any players or staff.
Do not impersonate our staff or any staff of other communities such as Planet Minecraft or Enjin, you will be banned.
Do not hack, glitch, exploit, xray, duplicate, or bypass item bans in any way.
Do not raid or grief players if it is not on faction land and you are not in a faction at war with those players.
Do not say or spam "lag" or insult the server in any way, 99% of the time if you are lagging it is your own PC not our servers.
Server specific rules will be shown at spawn in each server or by typing the /rules command.

All of APOC servers have many plugins and features setup, here is a brief summary of what we offer:

MCMMO - Achieve bonuses for mining, digging, attacking, dodging, etc the more you play the more bonuses you get.
Factions - Join a faction and wage war on your enemies, claim fast amounts of land, create your castle!
LWC - Protect all of your chests, doors, valuables.
GriefPrevention - Anti-Grief plugin that allows you to claim large amounts of space impervious to griefing.
DiabloDrops - A custom item spawning plugin that customizes names and enchantments on gear, adds socket enhancements, spawns treasure chests across the world filled with loot, spawns customized gear on mobs, and more!
Essentials - The cluster of all commands, this gives commands such as /tp /tpa /feed /clearinventory /pos /econ /bal etc.
Mobcash & Payd2Mine - These allow you to gain economy from killing mobs and digging/mining.
Chestshops & Auctions: Make your own personalized shop or auction your stuff off globally to the whole server.
SilkSpawners - Found a spawner? Break it with silktouch and save it!
Resurrection - Never lose items or exp on death again.
And more!

Anyone is welcome to join APOC it is a non whitelisted server so come check us out!

Main Website:
Main Forums:
Enjin Website:
Teamspeak Server:
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Tekkit Main Server: OR
Tekkit Lite Server: OR
Tekkit Classic Server: OR
Hexxit Server: OR
Voltz Server OR
Big Dig Server: OR
B-Team Server: OR
Pixelmon Server: OR
Tekkify Server: OR
FTB Direwolf Server: OR
FTB Horizons Server: OR
FTB Monster Server: OR
FTB Tech World 2 Server: OR

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