This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to the Hitmoncraft server listing.

Here you can get the most important information about the server before you log in.

Rules :
[1] No griefing.
[2] No overuse of cursing and caps.
[3] English only, please.
[4] Don't be an ass.
[5] No cheating/hacking
[6] No advertising
[7] Be nice please.
[8] Do not ask for pokemon/items.
[9] Do not abuse exploits
[10] Do not post links in chat without authorization

This server is foreseen to be filled with honest, nice, funny, respectful, and helpful players. We do believe in second chances, so any small offense like spamming, rudeness, posting a link on accident can be overlooked once.

NOTE: This server is in BETA. Lots of bugs are too be expected. We haven't finish building all the Gyms yet. But we do have Pixelmon Survival ready to go. If we forgot any commands, please let the developer know (Username: nyboy2)

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