This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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The-Spartans Pixelmon

The-Spartans Pixelmon


Welcome to The-Spartans Pixelmon, a Pixelmon server dedicated to bringing you an awesome Pixelmon experience! We are always running on the latest version of Pixelmon, which is currently 5.0.4.


Player-run Gyms
WonderTrade, EVs, and IVs Plugins
Custom Tokens Plugin
Friendly Staff Team & Community
All Legends Spawn
Not Pay-To-Win

There is a new owner listed for this server.

I would strongly recommend against spending any time on a server this guy is managing. He is known to be unstable, he is disrespectful to his players, and often encourages rule breaking for his friends, while banning anyone else.

The best advise I can give is to not do anything long term on any server he is managing, because you might now be there for long. The previous server fell apart because of a rift he created in the staff. He mutes any opinion that doesn't align with his own, and isn't afraid to ban for no reason.

I will advise everyone I know to not spend a lot of time on a server he is part of. The truth is that they won't last long with him at the top.

Judging by the way their forums are, it looks like he bought the server in the past couple weeks. He is currently at the top of the food chain though.

Some parting words he left me with in Discord:

That is from the owner of Mergical Gaming, who is currently in a owner position at The Spartans. Gamer take caution.
The server replied:
Hi Kivogtar, I am sorry for the experience you had on Mergical Gaming but it does not have anything to do with this server. It is also kind of funny that you left out that you charged back $350, violating our Terms of Service and resulting in your ban. Mergical Gaming also only has a total of 10 banned players in its two-year history, each of which have only been banned for extreme rule-breaking, so it is most certainly not true that we ban people for no reason. Your out of context message on Discord was sent by me, that is true, but that is only after you insulted me, friends, and my staff team, charged-back $350 after I did everything you told me to and did not violate the "Terms of Agreement" that you put in place by blackmailing me. If you have problems with any of this, message me on Enjin. But here, your review is false and leaves out 90% of the story. That is all.
Posted 30th May 2017