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Pk2k Server



A very strong bug type pixelmon found on the server.


A very strong dragon type pixelmon found on this server.
The legendary birds

The legendary birds

These pokemon are literally legendary. You can collect them in the quest for the legendary birds on this server.

Short Summary-Pk2k (Pixelmon 2 thousand) is a fun server with no vulgar language, good staff, and good laughs.

Paid Goods- We offer some of the cheapest pixelmon for purchase. We don't make it pay to win, so we balance how much each pixelmon goes for to balance the gameplay of the server.

Shiny Starters or no?- Sadly we do not offer shiny or custom starters on this server without purchasing a rank or pixelmon in itself.

Staff Applications- Just message my skype at (

Lag?- We have 12 gigabytes of ram on the server. If you lack the knowledge of what that means, long story short it means no lag.

I was having fun and minding my own business until the owner blew up my house with TNT, and proceeded to ban me with the reason "Im sorry man nothing against you just subscribe man :D" They claimed they were a YouTube prank server under the name "Minecraft Awesome Parodies."

I would not suggest joining this server if you want to have a good time.

Link to the image of my ban reason:
Posted 5th Mar 2017