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Project Pokemon

Project Pokemon


Resource Pack Recommended!

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Project Pokemon is a network of Pixelmon Servers that replicate the adventurous and exciting gameplay of the main series Pokemon games.

That means recreating the famous regions and blending them together with the original features and extra content, all in a unique MMO environment that the community helps shape. We are growing everyday as a server and we plan to make even more amazing content for you to enjoy!

We have recreated the aspects that make a RPG game like Pokemon amazing! Including the following...

✔ Kanto & Hoenn Adventure Servers: We've done our absolute best to recreate these two regions onto Minecraft/Pixelmon. It is very immersive and fun to play with Friends. We've also added our own features and areas to this region and will continue to update it!

✔ Survival Server: Survival is different from our other two Servers. This Server offers the traditional Pixelmon gameplay experience! Join now to build your own Communities and build the ultimate battling teams to take on the Gyms!

✔ Main Story Lines: Tired of joining Adventure Servers where the main thing to do is fight player gyms with empty towns? Look no more! Project Pokemon has recreated the main story lines in a very detailed manner.

✔ Classic Pokemon Features: Chatting NPCS, Pokemon Spawners, NPC Battles, and Item Loot are all recreated on Project Pokemon from the games.

✔ Extra Content: We've added our own areas with made from scratch sidequests. We will continue to refresh the experience on the servers by adding new content that feels like a part of the original game.

✔24/7 Server Uptime: We're running on a Dedicated Server that will never go down unless it's related to Maintenance. Enjoy a lag-free experience!

✔ Events & Community: What makes Project Pokemon great is that we love to interact with the community. We host very fun and rewarding Events that are a blast to partake in. We hope to build a large community that is friendly towards eachother and all around enjoy what we make.

Need Help? Join our Discord!

We hope to see you on Project Pokemon today!

Coming from an admin, by far the best server i found and helped worked on, i feel like this server sets it apart from any other adventure or pixelmon server out their with having a quest system and recreating pokemon games and play them as they were meant to be. and with so many plans and ideas being made to keep people interested in adventure once more. i hope to continue working along side it
Posted 22nd Dec 2016