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Poke Meadows

Poke Meadows v 5.0.4


Welcome back Pixelmoners and welcome to Poke Meadows!

Pixelmon Version | 5.0.4 > Now with Mega Evolutions!


Server Ip:

Poké Meadows has now officially launched!!

We are back with all the Poké-Goodness which we had before along with a lot more interesting and entertaining aspects to the server including Wondertrade, EVs/IVs, Player Gyms, Weekly Events and much more! Here at Poke Meadows we aim to create the best Server experience and the best Pixelmon experience we can possibly provide! We run Poke Meadows at a professional standard and aim to please every new user that joins our server!


Mega Evolutions
Legendaries Enabled
Flying Enabled
Helpful Staff
An amazing Spawn
Player Gym Leaders
Badges to be collected
Weekly events
Custom Content
Shinies Enabled
and more!!

From all of us at Poké Meadows welcome to the Server and enjoy your stay!

Love the people on the server they are so friendly and they help me a lot as I am a relatively new player!
The owner is really the best part of the server he's super active and so nice (like amazingly nice o3o)
Posted 19th May 2017
Pokemeadows is a wonderful server. As soon as I joined I was welcomed by a flood of welcomes and friendly players telling me if needed anything to let them know. The staff team is wonderful and truly cares about their players. They are very helpful getting issues resolved. Not to mention the owner Ghouly is one of the most active owners I have ever seen. I recommend this server for anyone who wants to enjoy playing in a nice community!!
Posted 19th May 2017
A server which gives new players a positive welcome; Pokemeadows is one of those rare servers that you find where players will greet all new and old players. Another rare quality that this server has is the dedicated staff that will help out any player. In the of chances that a staff member can't help that player, another player will help them instead. Additional, this server experiences no lag issues and a fair economy system which supports any new players. I couldn't think of a better server! I rate it 5/5 Woopi Goldberg movies!
Posted 19th May 2017
THIS IS BY LeoCeis I Got Muted For One Day Just because That Day I Was Mad Because "All" Of The Moltres Templs Were Claimed And This Server Lags All The Time And No ONe Likes To lag And The Staff Team About 89% Of The Time They Will Not Help You "THIS SERVER IT JUST SUCKS DONT JOIN".
Posted 14th Apr 2017
This is definitely one of the best pixelmon servers out there. With a friendly community and the YouTuber: expel this is a great fit for all players. You can start off fighting low-level pokemon using /warp evtraining. Everyone is very supportive and will ensure a wonderful stay. There are events throughout the year in which special kits are offered. Gyms will be added soon and applications are in the forum. Everyone should join this awesome server.
Posted 7th Apr 2017