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PokeMasters conatins Pixelmon, Survival, PlotMe, a


PokeMasters is a server made for those who would like all the aspects of normal pixelmon, but would still like more!
PokeMasters contains a normal pixelmon world equipped with gyms, competitions, and so much more.
The server also supports Plotz which makes building a sinch because no one can cause harm to yout magnificant creations.
Survival is also a prominant aspect of PokeMasters, as the buying and selling of what you find down in the earth will aid you in your journey.
PokeMasters is also working on a new Minigames feauture, that has the potentials to include your favorite minigames. All you have to do is leave a description of the minigame you would like added at in the forums under Minigames!

Pokemasters is also trying to appoint those who seem worthy to staff! come quick if you think your qualified to be a moderateor on this server! You will be asked to answer a series of questions, so be ready!

Just to sum everything up, PokeMasters contains: Pixelmon, Plotz, Survival, and Minigames!

We are also looking for some people to make a banner and a website design for our server. All the information is on our website! There will be a prizes for the winners! You do not have to be a part of the server or website to submit your banner or website design!

We hope to see you on our server!

Website is:

(The owner of PokeMasters)Catfairy

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