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Senpai Gaming Pixelmon


To be able to play on our server, you will need to have technic launcher. You can find this launcher at: . After you successful download it and launch it, just log in with your normal minecraft username and password. Then, the main screen will pop up, showing you different tabs and such. Find the modpack section tab and click on it. Then look for the search bar for our modpack: Senpai Gaming Pixelmon and then install it to play it! Also, a reminded to our players, before playing our server, you need to adjust your memory that is dedicated to minecraft from 1 GB to 2 or 3 GB's. To do this, you will need to look in the top right hand corner of technic launcher to find launcher options. Click on it and look for java settings. After you open java settings, find the memory ( should be set at 1 GB) and change it to 2 or 3 GBs, so you won't have lag on our server! :) Hope this will help you out! Can't wait to see you on our server! Stay Smexy, everyone!! :)


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