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New Leaf PVP is a brand new, medium sized server, based on Factions and PVP
A little bit about our selves.
We are a group of very fanatic PvP server players, Who want to rebuild the "good old PvP-faction" feeling.
In the most servers of today, you will find these complicated custom plugins
That are hard to understand for most players.
Or you will find servers that are spammed with all kinds of unknown plugins. (no offense)
In our opinion these kind of servers deviate a bit from the original goal,
wich is factions and PVP!
Thats why we created NewLeafPVP. to recreate that good old faction-pvp feeling!

What makes us different from other faction servers?
We like to keep things simple. Only the basic stuff, no complicated custom plugins etc.
We'll provide you the ULTIMATE experience of realistic minecraft faction pvp.


Plugins we are using are not the most complecated plugins like; factions, economic, combat-tag, MCMMO, etc. most of the basic ones.

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also use: NewLeafLaunch for 10% discount (expires in 2 weeks)


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