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Poke World

Poke World


Poke World is currently running on 7.07

NPC Gyms!
Legendary Spawning!
Vote Party!
Pokedex Rewards

And More..

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Great server! Love the hidden NPC's around spawn :D
And other features like Gym Rewards and Dex Rewards!
Posted 11th Aug 2019
Nice small community with many stuff to do! The builds are cool and unique and everyone helps you out! I have had a lot of fun so far on this server and I plan on playing it for a while.
Posted 11th Aug 2019
At the time of typing out this review, the server has yet to be opened (the original date it was set to open was 2 or 3 days ago).

First thing I want to mention is that the Owners have placed the blame of the delays on people in their discord asking questions such as "what has broken", instead of admitting that they have rushed the server. I find the manner they have responded to questions up until this point vague, and above all, rushed.

Secondly, as I said at the beginning, the server has MANY bugs that both Owners admit to, however, they have put off getting a beta test team for an unknown reason they will not disclose.

Finally, the Owners are not consistent. For example, A player asked if there was something broken, one owner said yes and the other said no. It was all very confusing.

As for the server, I cannot speak for it, as it has yet to be opened. I'm going to have to leave this a very negative review despite how much hype I had towards this server coming online. I hope the Owners both read this and learn from it. As for how things stand at the moment, I'm going to advise people join (when it comes online) but don't expect a flawless experience judging by the lead up to launch.
Posted 11th Aug 2019