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League Of Champions [Custom Npc's] [Quests everywh




Pixelmon 3.0.4
Custom Npcs:

Welcome to a brand-new server with a fresh spin on Pixelmon! You are on an island bustling with every kind of Pokemon, and your goal is to collect resources and survive, catch 'em all, go questing, explore and become rich!

Make decisions that will impact your gameplay on the server! Will you join a guild set out to create evil in the world? Will you join a guild that will try and stop them? Or will you be a lone-wolf who enjoys standing back and watching?

The choice is yours!

Watch as the world unfolds around you, as you discover new places and meet new people. Freedom and decisions play a HUGE role in the server, so you can play how YOU want to play!

Who are we?

The three of us, AnDwHaT5, DutchKroket, and Animalol have decided to create a fun Pixelmon server for you, the player, to enjoy! Our server has a fresh idea that will change your regular Pixelmon server experience! All three of us are down-to-earth people, and enjoy helping others and offering top-quality support. We all put a lot of hard-work and time into making this server as great as it can be for you, the player.

Our purpose?

We wanted to make a server with a creative idea that every kind of player would enjoy! Every player wants to play on a server with as much freedom and things to do as Skyrim - so that's what we created! Keeping freedom and entertainment in mind, we created an amazing sever we know that you'll love. Whether adventure and exploring the beautiful landscape is your sort of thing, creating the strongest team and becoming the Champion is your goal, filling the Pokedex is your dream, doing quests is your passion, or hanging out with other players is what you love to do, we have it all! If you ever have any suggestions for the server, we would love to hear them, as we will always be doing something new! A day on League of Champions will never be boring.

What do we offer?



-Choices you make impact your gameplay! League of Champions is all about freedom and decisions to customize how you want to play!

-Quests! Get rewards for completing them!

-Join Guilds! There are many guilds available, and you can join whichever one you please! Whether you join guilds that wish to do good, guilds that want to do evil, or even guilds that are in-between, that's all up to you! Choices made in guilds will also impact your gameplay!

-A fully explorable 2400x2400 hand-painted island with beautiful structures and areas for you to discover! The main island has every single biome! Plus, more areas and islands to visit once you get further in some guilds' quests!

-Events! Whether that be in-game giveaways, Pokemon events, games, and more!

-Gyms & Gym Leaders!

-Become the Champion!

-Useful plugins such as Essentials, etc.!

-Surprises around every corner!

-New additions being added frequently, whether that be new places to discover and visit, new guilds/quests, new plugins, and more! If you have a suggestion for something new to be added, let us know!

-And much, much more!

League of Champions is jam-packed with features, and some of them we wish for you to find out yourself. ; ) We can't wait to see you on the server!

Pixelmon has never been more interesting!

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