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Hydro5 OP Factions


Hey guys and gurls, I'm Jonnydoby one of the owners of Hydro5 OP Factions. Hydro5 is a new server that has been in development since November 2014, myself and the other owner Heythatguycamps have been wanting a server for ages so we decided that we would make one for the comunity to enjoy.

Hydro5 is a OP(Over Powered) Factions server, this means that there is raiding, traiding, trapping, finding and just trying to be better than your oponents. The server has multiple places to fight people. It has an arena for 1v1 fighting, Ice pvp for multiple anyone can play pvp and Nether PvP. Mob arenas are thinking of being added but we would need people to let us know if we shouls or not.

The server consists of 2 Owners and a few friends who are going to help us out by donating, we are not asking for donations but we are asking for you to join our comunity and make ours and your Minecraft time a really great experience by building our comunity for us!

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you on our server Hydro5 Op Factions.

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