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This is PokeFiesta (IP: and I hope you're ready to begin your cool new adventure

The ultimate goal of this server is to provide a fun and safe environment for all players to spend their time and make new friends and experience all kinds of unique things. Specific rules can easily be accessed anywhere on the server by using the /rules command. Like any other pixelmon server, you're here to become the best trainer with the besPokemonon. On our server, you'll find gyms to test the merit of your Pokemon and staff events (drop parties, tournaments, etc.) that'll hopefully create a tight-knit and active community.

First things first this is just my opinion of the server, you can, by all means, make your own but I have been playing on this server for about a month and I think I can make an accurate review of the server.

The server is very friendly to new players, they offer shiny starters and a training path at spawn. The path can get your starter to level 50 by the end of it while giving you some useful loot on your way thru. Then there are some other useful buildings around spawn which include marowak tower which is a nice looking boss tower, and a poke center so you don't have to build your own machines.

I love how the server is not pay-to-win, they offer many ways to earn legendaries and loot crates which can give you anything from the donation store. They also offer free commands to help players go through their journey which includes /pc and /pokeheal. I love this because I am not restricted by my location and lets me grind at boss towers without having to heal constantly.

In short:
[+] Easy for new players
[+] Easy leveling/rewards
[+] Good spawn
[+] Not pay-2-win
[+] Free /pokeheal and /pc
Posted 25th May 2017