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Unknown Pixelmon

Unknown Pixelmon


This server is very new, and welcoming. The owner is constantly on, and we are trying to build the best community out there, not toxic. We are looking for the following staff members:

  • Builder (Can not recieve any pay right now.)
  • Helper (Sure, we could use them.)
  • Gym Leader (Crucial, we need these players.)
  • Gym Subsitute (Also very crucial.)
  • Moderators and Admins (Could really also use these.)
  • E4 (One of the most crucial of them all. Please apply, senpai!)

We have gyms. Riding is enabled, and so is shiny starters. Starters are automatically
level 10, to make it easier for you.

Unfortunately, you cannot auction Pokemon yet, but that'll be out soon.
Join today and help our community grow.

i cant join the server ip... ? how does this come ?

can u send the ip down below here ?


Posted 8th Mar 2017