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Rippin Pixelmon 5.0 Beta 9


Our server is new but our admins are experienced with pixelmon and minecraft. We have recently decided to upgrade to 5.0 beta 9 and build a new community!!! We would love to have new friendly faces joins us. Our server is loaded with custom mods and experiences. We are in need of Admins/Builders/Mods/Helpers!!
We have:
/breed,/ivs etc
Pixel Auction
Custom Spawn

And we are actively working on:
Player Gyms

In the few hours I was able to play I enjoyed my time on the server. I did however have a few issues. In what seemed to me to be server crashes I was dropped from the game and had to wait to relog. When I came back on off course I had to deal with the consequences, ie nearly dying from fall damage. I asked the regular players if the place crashed often. The reply was that it didn't crash but that it was restarted often without notice. Needless to say, thats a horrible practice. While I enjoyed my time there, I won't be giving more of it to this server until it resolves either the crashes or the shutdowns without notice.
Posted 21st Oct 2016
I joined this server not too long ago and I've really enjoyed playing here. I have no lag and there's shiny custom starters! I'm not sure but there's drop parties almost everyday. The staff and owner are very nice people.
Posted 1st Oct 2016
Really nice server, nice people, and super fun.I love this server.
Posted 12th Sep 2016