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PokeBlox {Looking for Staff,Builders, And Gym Lead


Hello to all who look at this Ad. This New server {2 Days Old} Really need Mature, Patient, And Active staff! We also need Gymleaders To make the server Better for all! If you do not want to be a Part of staff, You can just play regularly. The spots we have open are

Head Mod:1

To be a part of staff, All you need to do is Apply! How you apply? You can apply in 3 different ways! 1. Go to the server and Ask to apply! The owner or the admins will give you a Book and Quill (Some admins may end up losing your app) 2. Go on to our website Go to the Forums, Click on "Gym Leader and Staff Apps" And Create a Thread. 3. Email it to me at It might take a While for you to get a part though. All staff have to go through your Application!

Also While you are doing your application, Please Follow the format!


Email (Optional):

Skype (Optional):

Gym Leader or Staff:

How long can you play per day:

Do you have any Experience on Any other servers:

(Staff App only) What Traits do you have that can help the server:

(Gym App Only) What Pokemon will you use for your Gym:

(Gym App Only) What gym do you want to apply For:

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