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Legend of the Pokémon trainer


Want to be a pokemon champion?
Join us and fight your way through all the gyms, all the way to the elite 4 and the champion! If you complete this adventure you will be called the new pokemon champion and have to defend your title!

We are offering Gyms( Which we are building soon) Wondertrade, and many adventures
The server is running on 5.0.4

We hope to see you online!

Thank you, on version 5.0.4 everything is working correctly! I even caught and wondertraded a Magikarp and got one of my favourite Pokemon, a Cradily. =D
Posted 18th Jun 2017
mind un whitelisting the server -_- i would love to play this server
The server replied:
Done. Sorry for the whitelist. Didnt know it was enabled.
Posted 1st Jun 2017