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Spawn Region

Spawn Region



We're an Australian hosted Pixelmon server, with active staff and a loyal player base. Our goal is to priorities the player and make the users experience as best as it can be by taking on any feedback or suggestions for the server!


You can download Pixelmon with full install on the technic launcher using our modpack: or you can download it manually from the website.


If you have any questions or suggestions, you can ask/post them on our discord:
For more information contact the staff team on the server or discord.


  • Custom adventure map world full of quests and gyms to explore, these gyms have puzzles and a challenging NPC Gym Leader, once completed them you will face the Elite 4 after facing victory road.
  • The world is still full of things to do in the main world, you are able to build an economy and buy & sell items on our active GTS Market. If that still isn't selling you on the idea, how about our crates? We have unique crates starting from vote through out to a beast crate where you can get unique rewards such as redeemable tokens.

  • Just for the extra quality of life experience for our players, there's a dynmap showing the entire overworld ( which allows you to find any biome, most players or just somewhere you want to explore and build you base at. Continuing on the quality of life experience for players, the server defaults to having peaceful mode on so you don't have to worry about food and keep inventory so you will never have to worry about losing all of your hard earned items and just focus on building your pokemon team!

  • We also offer a discord linked chat to in-game, where you can communicate to all players online and see who is online. I can't forget about Pixel Hunt and Wondertrade too! See there's just so much on the server to do, I think it is time that you join it!

Oh right, did I mention that we have regular events ran by an event team...?

I like this server because it gives me a chance of playing pixelmon whilst diving into a wholesome community
Posted 30th Aug 2020
One of the best Australian pixelmon servers out there. Classic Aussie community and a dedicated staff team to boot!
Posted 12th May 2020
Top server, Lots of added features that make the mod more interesting that the regular server. The server isn't pay to win and the staff are considerate to everyones needs. The community are mostly Australian players and the server is always up.

Posted 15th Feb 2020
Yes... the server is fun and all but only if the admins doesn't abuse their authority.
I wouldn't recommend playing on this server unless you like being commanded like a slave.
Also, the rules are not even specific and thus minor mistakes by new players can lead to an hour in jail (Real Time) making it a shitty experience for them.
No warnings or informing the player about the mistake and just forcing them to waste an hour opening the game just to afk in jail.

Conclusion: 2/10
The server replied:
Hi anonymous user,

I am extremely sorry to hear about your negative experience on the server. We do have a detailed set of rules that are more specific than the in game rules, these are linked within the /rules command, here is a link too:

Am I able to hear more about your experience on the server on discord? I would love to know the specifics around your experience on the server to improve this in future.
- WaterClaw#0010

Thank you.
Posted 16th Jan 2020
very fun would recommend.
Posted 5th Sep 2018
Is good, plz join, very fun time.
Posted 5th Sep 2018