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-=Deltapixel [3.5.1] [Player Gyms!] [Events!]=-



Hello there! We are Deltapixel! We are a small Pixelmon server on the way to grow bigger! We have friendly staff who are Always willing to answer all your questions. We host events when there are a few players online where the winner usually get's a random shiny pokemon.

Here are some examles of our Events:

[Anvil Drop]: All the contestants will be place in the arena. When the game starts waves of anvils will be falling down on your head. Last one alive wins!

[The Cave Game]: A giant cube of dirt. And somewhere in that cube are hidden blocks! Dig up the dirt to find the blocks for a nice prize!

[Melon Hunt]: Somewhere in one of our towns we hide a Melon! Find the melon with a little help of the hints you get every now and then and win a fabulous prize!

[Tounaments]: What would Pokemon be without Tournaments?

As you can see we have lots of fun! Here are some of our server features:

[Custom towns]: The entire map was build by us. We made our own towns!
[Wondertrade]: Trade your pokemon for a random other pokemon from someone else!
[E4]: We have player E4s. If you have what it takes to beat the Champion you become the new Champion to defend your spot!
[Voting]: You can vote for the server everyday and get rewards!
[Legendaries]: Legendary spawning is enabled! Go get your favorite rare Pokemon!
[Build Tests]: Think you have what it takes to be a builder? Do a build test! Maybe you will be part of our building team!
[Website]: Visit our website at
[Donations]: Sick of overpriced donations? So are we! Our highest rankis only $50! Where other servers ask for a few hundred we have a very cheap store!

Here are some pictures of our server:

We hope to see you join us soon!

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