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Homesteadcraft is a RPG inspired Minecraft Server. We utilize a few plugins to accomplish this.

FreeRPG to add skill levels for things such as Digging, Mining, Enchanting, and Fishing as well as Talents like Timber to fell trees by breaking a single block and even (eventually) immunity to TNT!

We also use AcuteLoot to add details, rarity levels, and even some special effects to some items.

We do have a client mod-pack that we feel adds a lot to make the game feel closer to your traditional RPG, such as Mob health bars above mob's heads, a minimap, and a saturation meter. The Client modpack is NOT necessary to play, but we do highly encourage it!

Server Texture-pack is encouraged, but also not necessary. We use StayTrue which is very faithful to original textures, while adding a bit more variation and a touch of animation to some blocks and items.

We utilize a claim system to minimize griefing which also allows you to accrue more claim blocks the longer you play! Find out more about it by placing your first chest! You can share Build Trust or just Container Trust with your friends, or only allow yourself to build within them!

50% sleep plugin which displays in chat and at the top of the screen as a bossbar to encourage others to sleep! Phantoms will only attack those who haven't slept!

We're a very active community looking to make new friends and have fun together. Current world border at 3000 each direction, to be expanded upon release of the first half of 1.17.

All players welcome, whether you've been playing for 10 years or 10 days!

I personally strive to maintain a constant 20TPS

We are building a friendly and inclusive community and admins reserve the right to ban individuals who repeatedly break our rules.

Join us at

We look forward to seeing you on the Homestead Neighbor!

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