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PokeFiesta | Pixelmon 5.0 Beta 7 | Gyms | Jobs


This here is PixelFiesta (ip: and I hope you're ready to begin your adventure cool

The ultimate goal of this server is to provide a fun and safe enviornment for all players to spend their time and make new friends and expericence all kinds of unique things. Specific rules can easily be accessed anywhere on the server by using the /rules command. Like anyother pixelmon server, you're here to become the best trainer with the best pokemon. On our server, you'll find gyms to test the merit of your pokemon and staff events (drop parties, tournaments, etc.) that'll hopefully create a tight-knit and active community.

Anyways, everyone who has worked on this server hopes that you enjoy it and if there are any questions you have for us, ask away! Either here or on the server.

General Tips:

/warp claiming will more likely than not help you with your claiming issues

/warp list allows you to see all avaiable warps and let's you click on the one you wish to teleport to

Anyone is allowed to apply for the Helper postion via the forums

Try to get to know who the staff are! My in-game name is CasualStuffs and the existing Co-Owner is Jeepers99

Thanks again for checking out this server, hope you enjoy!

one of the new helpers jailed me, becuse of disrespecting staff. i just said that i wanted to talk with a better staff. and plus he was a new staff so that made it even worse. plz remove this guy or make him stop. ps he raged at me becuse of a home i set close to his territory and then saw a legend and fought it without knowing it was his territory. but plz remove or have a serious talk with this guy his name is RakkiSgaming.
Posted 20th May 2017
At the moment the server is not at it's best because of the host change and map reset, but I know that after it's all sorted it will be back to being one of the best servers, good staff and friendly community.
Some reviews here seem to be personally motivated by people who have been banned or removed as staff because of immature behavior.
Posted 30th Oct 2016
the spawn was ok and the safari is cool. other than that the server was missing stuff.
Posted 1st Oct 2016
I have played on this server for quite some time. This server does not have a shop for players to purchase items. You cannot even find a generated shops and use it to help yourself. If you claim shops a admin will come delete your npcs. Having shops to yourself may seem unfair but I put dedication to finding these shops unlike most players in the server. I read the rules plenty of times for claiming and did said nothing for claims. Obviously the items are not free nor cheap so I had to work to get them anyways. There is no auctions for pokemon. The server lags frequently as well. Voting for the server does not give you anything. I have voted only 2 times and I did not even get a "thank you for voting" which really got on my nerves. I would not waste my time on this server if I were you. There are plenty of others to join. In conclusion, the server needs some improvements and staff lacks some respect. Also the good reviews were only to get free items in the server (since there are no shops). The server literally says every couple of minutes to make a review for free items. Here's my review, no items needed thank you. -Toszh
Posted 29th Sep 2016
There is often lag occurring, the game is pay-to-own the best e.g. Shinies. Worst reason I am currently leaving the server is because the co-owner deleted all npc's in the shops I claimed on behalf with my bf and no where was it mentioned on the rules to begin with. The co-owner even dug in our basement till he reached lava underground to kill himself. Point is, he bothered to break into our shop and basement to destroy part of it and kill himself which brings our reputation low and goes to show how he can't handle a 1 on 1 talk about the regulations or what should be done and what not. This server has nothing to it besides the safari. Everything else is just poorly done. Spawn area is garbage as well.
Posted 29th Sep 2016
Its so cool and I love it. The Safari is very cool
Posted 8th Sep 2016
The community on it is great, and always there to help.
Posted 2nd Sep 2016
everything is great the spawn, safari, all of the nice people, respecful people, by far one of the best servers.
Posted 30th Aug 2016
Frankly, I love this server ^-^ The staff are always ready to help and the server itself has some kewl features!
Posted 26th Aug 2016
this is Ro_lal_frigglish and i like this server because of the challenging gyms, market place, and easy to navigate spawn. but, i would like it even more if it added a random teleport system. thanks for you time. -Ro
Posted 25th Aug 2016