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Poke Paradox

Poke Paradox


Pixelmon Reforged - Events - Gts - Gyms - Raidable Bosses - Tourneys - Textured Pokemon

Hello and welcome to PokeParadox!

We're happy that you showed interest in our server, and here we welcome anyone with open arms, no matter your background. We're here to provide you a safe place, and a place to have fun if you ever need to escape reality for a moment or a bit longer.

On our server you can expect:

  • Very friendly and helpful staff & community
  • Choose between shiny or non shiny starters with command /starters
  • Dex Rewards (Includes Commands like pokeheal and pc)
  • Not P2W
  • Events / Tourneys
  • Training area
  • Raidable Bosses
  • Textured Pokemon

You can download our modpack here:

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon!

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