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Welcome To PokeZen!! -Running-7.0.7-
A Great server for you and your friends!!

A Few Things About what makes us Great!!!

  1. Custom Plugin-Pixelmon Bottlecaps!!
  2. Crystal Pokemon-Custom textured Pokemon to catch and train!!
  3. Gyms-Places to hone your skills and gain badges!!
  4. Cities-Cool Lore in each city as well as mini games and Gyms!!
  5. Safari-Hard to find biomes all in one place!!
  6. Crystal Islands-Place where crystal Pokemon spawn!!
  7. Ranks-To show off!!Crates-Tons of loot!!
  8. EVTraining Area!!
  9. Shiny Starters!!
  10. Great Staff!!
    Offical Server of ZenoZavier

There is Also Weekly Events and A tournament each month for crazy in game items and money!! I hope to see you all there feel free to Join!!

Donation Store-

I would love it if everyone reading this tried the server, and if you are reading this you will love it too, as this server has massive amounts of unique features and the staff are great, they help when help is needed and dont abuse there commands!
Posted 17th May 2019
This server is such a great server, every since joining this server i have met a very nice community, not only did i get to join a great community with wonderful people i got to know the owner ZenoZavier. he is such a friendly person, good to get along with, comes on and interacts with others and makes great content on YouTube. when joining other pixelmon servers i never got a welcome or a wb! but on this server i always get it, whenever i get on i always get welcome, this community is such a great one and from the bottom of my heart i recommend it to any pixelmon fan, you will love this server, with great stats, great community and there is lots to offer :) if you ever come on i will welcome you as well as the community!
Posted 17th May 2019
Everyone is so kind and the builds are fantastic i 100% recommend you join Now so many unique features
Posted 17th May 2019
Great server, love the people and the community!
Posted 8th Apr 2019
Love the server perfect legendary spawns their balanced, gives feedback to people on the server and gives free stuff and events great server would recommend
Posted 7th Apr 2019
Great server good spawn all the basic stuff is there, and no world border. new server so not a lot to interact with so far but no one is breaking the economy.
Posted 7th Apr 2019
The server is great amazing builds and the owner is a very good person along with a good amount of spawns for legendarys
Posted 7th Apr 2019
Its a bad server, like all new servers its lacking in many thing such as, community the owner is afk, the staff are unhelpful the only way you find anything out is "just look it up" so its not that good,
Posted 6th Apr 2019