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kaosxsouleaters server


my server is new, so currently I have no staff but that can be fixed if interested, follow the format below

notes. gyms claimable land within the towns that can be used to build by, /kits /warp wild legendaries spawn, current spawn rate is unknown atm

fossils are mineable, shinys also spawn for those who are shiny finatics like me xD

Im also doing shiny give aways, drop parties when I get at least 10 people on at one time, possible rank give aways
and more, if your interested come check it out. and if looking to maybe be apart of my server ps if you cant join the server threw the ip provived try

if interested in staff/ gym leader follow the format below and good luck

staff/gym app



time zone

recent staff/gym experience

two reasons I should hire you

give two reasons on how you can help the server

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